Store for Pillow covers in bulk from China was an online store Wholesale Cheap and high quality Pillows,cushions,insert in Bulk shipments at Low Low prices from China,which was making and sell the Pillowcase for about 10 years.

Our Pillow Covers are Best quality with good review,we update our products listing every week,We have a dedicated team to explore the latest trends about Pillow Cover designs from instagrams,facebook,Google trends,we know what will Become a popular style.

Why Wholesale Pillow Covers from US?

When you are looking for a factory manufacture high quality and Cheap Pillowcase, you no doubt want to be on trend and also receive a high quality products that will be reliable.At,You find a source manufacturer.We make all kind Throw Pillow Covers,Decorative Pillowcase for 10 years.We know what you need,and we can offer every thing you want.

What Kind Pillowcase We Offer?

we update every week with the latest pillow styles you can order directly, of course, if you have your own design, you can customize your products, we provide OEM services,we Offer different size pillow covers with different Material,silk,stain,cotton,embroidery,knitting,from square ,round,heart and any other shape.

About the Shipping and service?

We can offer wholesale Pillowcase in bulk,and we also retail pillow covers,but can not make sure all the style can in stock in time,We can offer the service of Amazon FBA Labeling and warehousing services(walmart or other),we also supply Pillow cover DIY in bulk,Pillowcase OEM in CHEAP Price.


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